We deliver products that are unsurpassed in Freshness, Flavour & totally guaranteed.

Frozen Meat

The processed meat in our factory is in best quality and healthy to eat.

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Frozen Offals

We are wholesale processors and exporters of premium kind of offals from India.

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Dry & Salted Products

We offer salted and dry buffalo products which is edible and also used in pharmaceutical industry.

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Buffalo Carcass

Buffalo carcasses produced by us are thoroughly trimmed fore quarter and hind quarter cuts and has appealing color and a pleasant flavor. Our range of buffalo carcass is a lean meat and has more protein and nutrients with fewer calories and fat. We offer high quality buffalo carcass, which has a rich sweet taste and no added flavor. We offer buffalo carcass in two different primal cuts such as, hind quarter cuts and fore quarter cuts. We offer our range of buffalo carcass in hygienic cryovac packaging.

Hind Quarter Cuts

The hindquarter offers all the best cuts of buffalo meats. The best steaks and roasts comes from the hind quarter of the animal.

  • Tenderloin
  • Striploin
  • Topside
  • Silverside
  • Rump
  • Thick Flank


We offer buffalo tenderloin with high protein and rich flavor. These tenderloins are perfect for steaks or medallions and have a longer shelf life.


High in protein, we offer a richer flavor and better health benefits in our range of striploins. These striploins are perfect for steaks.


Our range of low cholesterol topside buffalo meat is tender and tasty.


There are no bones in our range of silverside meat, which provides a great deal of meat.


Our range of buffalo rump is an excellent piece for making rump steaks, rump roasts and for corning.

Thick Flank

We offer high quality thick flanks which are really tasty and healthy. These thick flanks are used for corning, rolling and boiling.

Fore Quarter Cuts

The fore quarter offers all the best cuts of buffalo meats. These fore quarter cuts are graded according to the amount of visual lean. These for quarter cut meat is used in popular ethnic entrees.

  • Blade
  • Chuck Tender
  • Cube Roll
  • Muscles


We offer healthy nutritious buffalo blade that has little fat. These blades are lower in cholesterol and calories yet higher in iron.

Chuck Tender

The delicate cuts of buffalo chucks are one of the most flavoured meat and ideal for braising.

Cube Roll

Our Cube Rolls have minimum fat and well suited for braising.


We  offer  finest quality Shin and Shanks which can be used in various meat cuisines.