We deliver products that are unsurpassed in Freshness, Flavour & totally guaranteed.

Frozen Meat

The processed meat in our factory is in best quality and healthy to eat.

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Frozen Offals

We are wholesale processors and exporters of premium kind of offals from India.

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Dry & Salted Products

We offer salted and dry buffalo products which is edible and also used in pharmaceutical industry.

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Buffalo Veal Meat

Among the different types of meat, veal meat holds a special place. Veal meat is tender, lean, mellow in taste and contains important minerals and vitamins. It has a high nutritional value, easy digestibility and a good alternative when keeping an eye on calories. It is an excellent choice because it supplies an important high-quality protein.

Carbohydrates & Minerals

Proteins and fats are considered macronutrients. Carbohydrates also belong to this nutrient group and are a collective of starches and sugars. Often by consuming 100 grams of veal meat, a good foundation is laid for the recommended daily nutrient intake of minerals that we need. Veal meat is a good source of these different minerals like - calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus and zinc.

Veal Leg

We offer veal leg with high protein and rich flavor. It contains portion of backbone and hip bone, the size and shape of the muscles and bones vary. Our range of veal legs are packed in sealed poly pack and then to ensure freshness we freeze it. These veal legs are perfect for steaks or medallions and have a longer shelf life.

Bobby Veal

We offer bobby veal with high protein and rich flavor. We ensure that our range of bobby veals are truly pink in color. We strictly maintain the weight restriction to ensure that it complies with our color specification. The bobby veal is seasonally available as a chilled product from April through to November and frozen the balance of the year. These tenderloins are perfect for steaks or medallions and have a longer shelf life