We deliver products that are unsurpassed in Freshness, Flavour & totally guaranteed.

Frozen Meat

The processed meat in our factory is in best quality and healthy to eat.

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Frozen Offals

We are wholesale processors and exporters of premium kind of offals from India.

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Dry & Salted Products

We offer salted and dry buffalo products which is edible and also used in pharmaceutical industry.

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Mutton Carcass

We can supply kinds of frozen lamb and mutton carcass with or with out fat tail at competitive prices.

Carcasses is divided into lamb carcasses and mutton carcasses in accordance with its characteristics set out. Our range of lamb carcasses have the following characteristics:

  • The front shanks have a break joint showing well defined ridges
  • The hind shanks are streaked with blood deposits
  • The ribs are narrow and slightly rounded
  • The flesh is fine textured and pink to light red in color

The mutton carcasses we offer, has the following characteristics :

  • The front shanks have a spool joint
  • The hind shanks are bleached and show no blood deposits
  • The ribs are wide and flat
  • The flesh is somewhat coarse in texture and ranges from medium to dark red in color

Mutton Cube

We offer mutton cube with high protein and rich flavor. These uniform grains are obtained from  meat of sheep and goat . These Mutton Cubes are perfect for steaks or medallions and have a longer shelf life. The cubes are packed in cartons in polythene bags, later onwards these bags are repacked in poly packs and sealed. A code slip indicating the code, date of sampling, type and temperature of cubes is mentioned in the outer poly-pack.